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Bladeless LASIK

What is Bladeless LASIK?

With the assistance of the Ziemer Femtosecond LDV laser, our physicians at Capital Eye Care are proud to offer bladeless LASIK, the latest advancement in LASIK technology. Bladeless LASIK not only provides a better quality of vision compared to traditional LASIK, but also delivers enhanced safety for our patients. Compared with the manually assisted blade procedure that traditional LASIK provides, bladeless LASIK now delivers manual free and laser assisted precision.

Bladeless LASIK Jefferson City

With bladeless LASIK, a corneal flap is created using a high speed laser. The speed of the laser allows for the tissue of the eye to be targeted and broken down at a molecular level so that heat or impact does not damage the surrounding tissue. The Femtosecond LDV Laser creates a precise incision using computer guided technology to produce an opening unique to the patient’s eye. The technology of computer assistance allows for a more accurate incision as compared to a manual blade which has a lesser predictability. Bladeless LASIK also results in a faster healing time due to the accuracy of the incision lines; this allows for the flap to fall back into place more easily to heal itself.

Bladeless LASIK is proven to be safer than traditional LASIK. Traditional LASIK has a slower healing time and the accuracy of the incision is determined by the surgeon’s manual dexterity and predictability. However, with any procedure, there are risks; Capital Eye Center strive to provide the safest environment and techniques in order to gain the best and most safe results for our patients.

The newer technology of LASIK is a great option for those individuals who are apprehensive about traditional LASIK surgery.

Is Bladeless LASIK Right for You?

Are you seeking a permanent resolution to your vision impairment? After careful examination with one of Capital Eye Care’s physicians, it will be determined if bladeless LASIK is the best choice for you. Ziemer can now possibly offer patients, who were previously denied LASIK due to corneal thinness and other medical conditions, a chance to receive the bladeless procedure.

Bladeless LASIK is safe for:

  • Individuals with high prescriptions
  • Individuals with astigmatism
  • Individuals with a steep, flat, or thin cornea

Your ophthalmologist will further verify your candidacy with the following factors:

  • Age
  • General Health
  • Current Vision
  • Eye Conditions

Our Ziemer Laser Technology

Ziemer FEMTO LDV technology has propelled our practice to the forefront of LASIK offerings. It is the ultimate FDA approved technology to complement your choice of blade-free LASIK. A real breakthrough in femtosecond laser technology, the Ziemer LDV offers a 3-D mode to surgeons that provides you better precision in both dimension and depth during your treatment. With this improved precision, the FEMTO LDV is the technology that supplies the best bladeless LASIK choice to our patients and our practice. As a result of Ziemer’s design, patients are able to experience less discomfort, better visual outcomes, and a faster recovery time.