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LASIK Alternatives

LASIK Isn't For Everyone, What Are Your Options?

Contacts, implants, surgery... what’s right for you?

LASIK Alternatives MissouriAt Capitol Eye Care in Jefferson City, we treat your eyes, we treat you. Not every patient seeking better vision is a candidate for LASIK. Dr. Lewis and Dr. Luetekemeyer are experienced surgeons who also offer PRK, Refractive Lens Exchange and Cataract Surgery. An evaluation of your individual needs is where we’ll start. Then we will discuss your options, what you’re most comfortable with and which option is our recommendation based on your lifestyle. Sometimes it is LASIK, sometimes it’s another surgical option and then other times we’ll conclude that contacts or even a change in your prescription glasses is the best, safest solution for you. It’s your vision and how you use your eyes is up to you, how best to use them is up to us.