LASIK Affordability for Everyone

Surgeon preparing for operating on a patient using a microscope

About 700,00 people have LASIK, also known as laser in-situ keratomileusis, performed on their eyes each year.

This painless and common procedure lasts about 20 minutes. During the procedure, the excimer laser gently reshapes the cornea to change the eye’s focal point. Nearsighted treatments flatten the cornea, while farsighted treatments steepen the cornea’s curvature. Treatments for astigmatism change the shape of the cornea from a football shape to more of a spherical shape.

One Time Cost for a Clearer Future

LASIK may be a financial investment for you that you work into your budget. On average, the procedure costs between $1,000 to $4,000 per eye.

The one-time cost of LASIK will save your thousands of dollars that you would have spent on eyeglasses, contacts, and contact solution throughout your lifetime.

The quality of life improvements that LASIK provides would make you think that LASIK should cost many thousands of dollars. No longer will there be a fear of breaking your glasses and paying for a rushed replacement. No longer will you have to worry about dropping a contact on the bathroom floor.

You might very well regain 20/20 vision and no longer have to worry about wearing your glasses during major life events such as your wedding or everyday activities like exercising.

With smart planning and a good financing plan, you can make LASIK work without having to alter your lifestyle.

At Capitol Eye Care, we offer affordable financial planning options. CareCredit can be applied for online. CareCredit is used to pay for out-of-pocket expenses not covered by medical insurance.

The application process is quick and easy with credit approval and a quick phone call. Our experienced staff can assist you with your application. The program has special financing options available that you may not be able to get with other doctors.

To determine if LASIK is right for you, we have created a short survey:

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