Tips for Overcoming Eye Exam Anxiety

Fears of seeing your dentist or doctor are so common they’re a joke in children’s cartoons. These anxieties can be solely linked to one doctor or profession, or to a universal medical exam fear. These anxieties aren’t only seen in children–adults are as likely to express medical exam fear which can be expressed in skipping exams altogether.

While you may use your busy schedule as an excuse, that will not change the importance of periodic eye exams.

Here are some quick tips to ease your eye care exam anxiety:


A good night’s sleep can help you more than you might think. A restful night will naturally destress you, easing you into the next day.

Eat Breakfast

Set your body and mind up for success at the beginning of the day. Have your favorite healthy meal! Make the day more of a treat than it actually is. A well-balanced meal will help keep you focused on what you want. Avoid sugary foods until after your appointment to keep your mind calm.

Education is Power

A huge anxiety contributor is fear of the unknown.

Don’t be afraid to ask us anything! At Capitol Eye Care, our doctors and staff are here to answer any questions about why or how we complete different eye exams.  Remember why you’re going to your ophthalmologist in the first place–for your overall health! More importantly, we can help squash any misconceptions about eye exams. For example, eye exams aren’t intrusive. And we don’t perform any tests without your consent. Throughout the process, feel free to stop us and ask if you’re unsure about what’s next.

Distract Yourself

Bring a book, play on your phone, or even needle stitch. At Capitol Eye Care, while we always try to run on time the medical office schedule can be hard to predict.

Consider bringing a friend along to chat with in the waiting room. We see friends and families joining our patients every week. Their support may be just the confidence you need to get over the anxiety hump. It could help to have extra ears in the exam room to help you remember everything that is covered.

Don’t be scared. Call us today and find out how we can help improve your eye and overall health.

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